Best Price Guaranteed For Personal & Business Mailboxes in Calgary! We Won’t Be Beat.

Mailbox Rentals in Calgary

We offer mailbox rentals, mail forwarding and package or parcel receiving at a real street address.





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Best Price Guaranteed For Personal & Business
Mailboxes in Calgary! We Won’t Be Beat.

Quick & Convenient Calgary Mailbox Rental Access

When it comes to your professional business needs, Mailbox Rental is your full-service provider of mailbox rentals in Calgary.  If you work from home, own a mobile business, or are frequently away from your home, this service is a great way to keep on top of your mail delivery and package receiving. Plus, with our mail forwarding service it is easier than ever to get your orders delivered right where you need them, and we have the right network to ensure they are always on time.

With a real street address, you are able to keep your business looking professional and accept packages from all carriers. As well, there is no need to worry about when your package will arrive, with our text and email notifications and Call-in MailCheck service. These services are designed to minimize your risk and save you valuable time.

If you are worried about receiving faxes while you’re away from the office, we also have a fax receiving service available. Our TransCanada Mall location is centrally located for your convenience.

Your Complete Service

Full Mail Service, Mail Forwarding available

Corporate /
Registered Mailbox

Virtual Business Address
(Not a PO Box)

Full Service Back Office for your Business Needs Available

24/7 Access

Oversized Packaes

The Best Business Mailbox in Calgary

We are devoted to supporting our customers throughout these trying times. This is why we are offering a new service that allows you to have your mailbox rental in Calgary forwarded to one of our many convenient locations, such as our TransCanada shopping mall location. Also, we provide you with a real street address, to maintain the professionalism your business demands, and we offer 24-hour access. All of this helps to minimize interruptions and allow you to keep on working. 

To assure your safety, we are also offering a Call-In MailCheck service so you can make sure your package has arrived in advance of your arrival. Of course, this is combined with our text and email notifications to better inform you of your mail delivery throughout the shipping process. This means package receiving is no issue for us, and you can focus on taking care of what matters most to you.

We offer a variety of services for all of your businesses unique needs. From printing to packaging and everything between, we are your dedicated Calgary business mailbox provider. 

Rental Pricing

Calgary Mailbox Rentals Available for Both Business & Personal Needs

As your full-service provider, Mailbox Rental makes every effort to ensure your transition into our service is fluent and comfortable. We understand the pressing need that comes with creating a mailbox for your business or personal needs. It’s why we aim to make joining our service as easy and as convenient as possible.

All it takes is a government-issued ID photo, a few forms to fill out, and that’s it. You’ll get your keys right in your hands, ready for use at any time of day. You can now operate your business or personal affairs through this safe and secure mailbox service.

If you want to experience this level of service for a valuable price, visit us. We’re ready to help. Start your mailbox rental in Calgary today!


A business or personal mailbox can accept packages from all carriers, and offers several extra services for you to save time, including: text and email notifications, Call-In MailCheck, fax receiving, and more.

Your mailing address will be the same as the location’s mailing address. You will just add a PMB (private mailbox) or pound symbol (#) number to your address, and your name or the name of the business.

John Smith or Company Name
123 This Street
City, Province, Postal Code

There are several options for your mailbox size. 


Step 1

Bring in government issued photo ID

Step 2

Sign and fill mailbox contract

Step 3

Get the keys!